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  • Dried Chillies

    Dried Chillies

    Exporters and suppliers offering dried chillies, dried red chillies and green chillies, such as Yunan Chilli, Yidu Chilli, Tianjin Chilli in China.
  • Green Chilli

    Green Chilli

    Green chili is one of common dry chilis. The green chili is widely used in dishes and soups. With green chilli without stem, you will have a better appetite.
  • Red Chilli Powder

    Red Chilli Powder

    Red chilli powder manufacturer and exporter from China-hot and sweet chilli power.
  • Green Chilli Powder

    Green Chilli Powder

    Producers and suppliers of dried chilli powder that includes green chili powder, red chili powder, natural spray dried green chilli powder.
  • Chilli Rings

    Chilli Rings

    With different sizes, Chilli Rings can meet your various demands. Beautiful colors and cute shape, chilli rings is the first choice.
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