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  • Dried Mulberry

    Dried Mulberry

    Dried mulberry is one of the traditional and unique Chinese dried fruits. The preserved mulberry is also one of traditional Chinese medicines.
  • Crystal Ginger

    Crystal Ginger

    Organic Crystallized Ginger Slices are one of the dried ginger products. Crystallized ginger has special effects to human's health.
  • Crystallized Ginger

    Crystallized Ginger

    With Crystallized Ginger, you are able to make more delicious dishes, soup and desserts and confections. Children perfer crystallized ginger than fresh ginger.
  • Crystal Ginger Dice

    Crystal Ginger Dice

    The size of crystal ginger dice is bigger than crystal ginger granular and smaller than crystallized ginger. With crystal ginger dice, you will have more choices.
  • Crystal Ginger Granular

    Crystal Ginger Granular

    Crystallized Ginger Granular has a sweet heat and can be used as a low fat snack or a baking ingredient. Crystallized ginger Granular is especially convenient when you're traveling.
  • Crystal Honey Date

    Crystal Honey Date

    Crystal honey date or candied date is ideal sanck and ingredient for dishes and drinks. It is common to see in wedding banquet, which means life of new couples is as sweet as the candied date.
  • Dried Haw Slice

    Dried Haw Slice

    Dried haw slice is the one of the traditional Chinese snacks. Red color, beautiful shape and rich nutrients are the reasons why people prefer it as company of water and material of juice.
  • Sundried Tomatoes

    Sundried Tomatoes

    Sundried tomatoes or drying tomatoes are one of the well-received dried products in this company. The size of sundried tomato is smaller than normal one, but contains same nutrients.
  • Dry Apricots

    Dry Apricots

    Dried apricots are fruits where the majority of the original water content has been removed either naturally, through sun drying, or through the use of specialized dryers or dehydrators.
  • Dried Persimmon Sticks

    Dried Persimmon Sticks

    Dried Persimmon Sticks are sold in bulk in this company. Persimmon dried is rich in nutrition and vitamins. Dried persimmon is also good for recipes.
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