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As we know, fresh garlic equals garlic powder. We offer quality organic garlic powder export to wide countries of world; spread globally. Our garlic powder is produced from the best garlic plants, pure and delicious. Dehydrated vegetable powders which are used in processing dry soup mixes, canned soups and sauces, processed meats, baby foods and dairy products. The powders add an extra taste and aroma to the cooked food and make it more delicious. It is available in incredibly discounted rates than you’ve ever found in the general marketplace.


Garlic Powder

The usage of spice vegetable powder is below :

  • Use the powder in cooking for the added convenience
  • Add to cake, biscuits and sponge puddings to give a warm sweet flavor
  • Prepare a delightful punch blending it with seasonal fruits
  • Use it in the salad making process