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Chinese Sundried Tomatoes in Bulk for Sale

Sometimes I was wondering, is tomato vegetable or fruit? I realized from 1895, there was a debate between tomatoes suppliers and customs for the customs duty. Both them stood their ground so they took it to the USA high court. Finally the unanimous decision of the court was like carrots and potatoes, tomato was also one kind of vegetables.


Chinese Sundried Tomatoes

As early as in Qing Dynasty, about 18centry, there were records about tomatoes in China. There is a long history in China to plant and cook tomatoes, which are one of the most common dehydrated vegetables in the whole world. In order to meet the people's demand to nature and health, there are sundried tomatoes in this company located in Anyang, China. Chinese sundried tomatoes are sold in bulk by dried fruits wholesaler. You may wonder that why sundried tomatoes are sold as one of dried fruits. Actually, in most people's opinion, sundried tomatoes belong to dried fruits.


Sundried Tomatoes

At present, few people have time to have breakfast, especially white collar, and then Chinese sundried tomatoes are a better idea for you to take for the most meal in one day.