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Question:Are dried chillies hotter than fresh chillies?

Answers:It can often be the case that the drying process increases the heat of a chilli although the biggest difference is the taste. ideally do not substitute dried chillies for fresh when cooking. dried chillies are used throughout the world either whole, crushed or ground (the latter can be very hot). fresh chillies are often used after roasting as this enhances the flavour and gets rid of the skin which can be chewy.


Questions:Is eating chilli bad for you?

Answers:There is no evidence that eating too much chilli is unhealthy, or that it causes ulcers. in fact, capsaicin is used in anti-inflammatory creams to treat ailments like arthritis and shingles.


Questions:How do i get rid of the burning feeling?

Answers:If you burn your mouth with chilli, drinking water will do no good because capsaicin is not soluble in water. (it’s like trying to wash away grease with water) fat will do the trick - and that means drinking milk, eating yoghurt, ice cream or even peanut butter.


Questions:Which country is the largest chilli producer?

Answers:Most countries in the world grow chillies. use of peppers is increasing worldwide and while new mexico not unsurprisingly is the home of hot chilli growing it is china which tops the table of outright production. the following top seven producers for 1998 according to the usda , foreign agricultural service with production in metric tons (1 mt = 1000 kg ); china (7,025,360 mt), turkey (1,390,000 mt), mexico (1,181,924 mt), nigeria (970,000 mt), spain (888,400 mt), usa (760,810 mt), egypt (365,000 mt).


Questions:What is the worlds hottest chilli?

Answers:The title holder for world hottest chilli, according to experts at the defence research laboratory in the army garrison town of tezpur in the north-eastern state of assam, is the local naga jolokia (capsicum frutescens). in testing, they claim that the tezpur chilli was nealy 50 per cent more pungent than the red savina habanero from mexico, registering a blistering 855,000 scoville units. however, despite repeated requests the outside world has been unable to obtain samples and therefore substantiate these claims, for the meantime the red savina retains the title.