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Dried Fruits

  • Crystal Ginger

    Crystal Ginger

    Organic Crystallized Ginger Slices are one of the dried ginger products. Crystallized ginger has special effects to human's health.

  • Guji Juice

    Guji Juice

    Sell Goji raw juice, goji concentrated juice made from 100% Ningxia organic goji berry, fresh and nature wolfberry (Chinese Goji) that is an excellent juice raw material for making health protection food and medicines.

  • Pear Halves

    Pear Halves

    Producer, Supplier, wholesaler and exporter of pear halves, dried pear halves, dried pears, pear slices in China.Our dried pear halves are prepared from sound, mature fresh pears which have been washed, cored, peeled, cut, sulfured and dried.

  • Pear Pieces

    Pear Pieces

    Pear Pieces is one kind of dried pear. It is tested that pear skin contains more nutritions than pear pulp. Pear pieces is a better choice for you.

  • Pear Dices

    Pear Dices

    Pear dices are the first come to my mind to make porridge with it. Cakes and cookies with pear dices are popular among all ages.