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Dried Fruits

  • Peach Halves

    Peach Halves

    Our dried peach halves are prepared from sound, mature fresh peaches which have been washed, cored, peeled, cut, sulfured and dried.Peach halves spring honey, Jibao, white pip and unsulphured.

  • Peach Dices

    Peach Dices

    Peach dices is an excellent source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber, providing you with nearly 20% of your needs for the day. Dried peach dices are very good in taste and delicious.

  • Dried Strawberries

    Dried Strawberries

    We are the producer and exporter dried strawberries many years in China. With the natural odor and flavor of strawberry,no impurity and rich nutrition, it is the product selled best in our company. Goog looking, cell structure and nutrition remain well.

  • Dried Cherries

    Dried Cherries

    We are a leading producer and supplier of dried fruits such as dried cherries, preserved cherry and candied cherry, which are parts of the dried fruits. Dried cherry is good for all age.

  • Strawberry Dices

    Strawberry Dices

    Strawberry dices are rich in the antioxidant vitamin A, beautiful looking and taste fantastic made from the qualitied fresh strawberry. Dried strawberry dices is a popular dried fruits in China to our customers all over the world.