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Dried Fruits

  • Chinese Fresh Taro

    Chinese Fresh Taro

    Sale of Chinese fresh taro is uniformed in shape, rich in nutrition, soft and tasty that sells Middle East, the United States, South Africa, Russia...

  • Crystallized Ginger

    Crystallized Ginger

    With Crystallized Ginger, you are able to make more delicious dishes, soup and desserts and confections. Children perfer crystallized ginger than fresh ginger.

  • Crystal Ginger Dice

    Crystal Ginger Dice

    The size of crystal ginger dice is bigger than crystal ginger granular and smaller than crystallized ginger. With crystal ginger dice, you will have more choices.

  • Crystal Ginger Granular

    Crystal Ginger Granular

    Crystallized Ginger Granular has a sweet heat and can be used as a low fat snack or a baking ingredient. Crystallized ginger Granular is especially convenient when you're traveling.

  • Pear Halves without Sugar

    Pear Halves without Sugar

    Pear halves are one of the new products launched by this company, which is professional in making dried fruits. The sugar free pear halves provide more choices with you.