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How to Make and Eat Dried Cherries

The first step to make dried cherries is to pick and dry to retain their natural colors and flavors. Select cherries that are ripe, plump and blemish free. Wash well in cool water and remove stems, pat dry. The cherries must be pitted before drying, you can do this by cutting each one in half and removing the seeds or keep them whole and use a cherry pitter. Once they have been prepared, place pieces cut side up on baking trays and set in oven at 165° for about 3 hours.  When the cut tops start looking wrinkled and leathery, reduce heat to 135°F for about 16 to 24 hours or until done. How to tell when they are done: They will be similar to raisins–hard but still pliable, a bit sticky and wrinkled.

Dried Cherries

When you're out of time and your family or friends should arrive any minute, you can improvise a delicious salad in just a few minutes. You can add dried cherries to any kind of salad, with vegetables or with fruits, with dressings or plain. Just add to the bowl all the ingredients you have in the fridge and don't forget about the dried cherries! They will spice up the salad even if you don't have time to make an appropriate dinner.