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Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil


Pumpkin seed oil is light green to dark red in color, which is extracted from the seed of pumpkin. After slightly roasting the seeds, the oil is extracted by cold pumpkin seed oilpressing the seeds to produce a dark green colored oil. Cold pressing the seed is important in protecting the Omega content of the oil.

It is the deliciously nutty oil, rich in flavor and color, this is perfect for an array of gourmet dishes. Not only does it taste good, pumpkin seed oil is one of the trends towards fresh, health-conscious cooking and is quickly gaining a reputation among chefs worldwide.


Key Facts:

  • Cold Pressed
  • Perfect balance of monounsaturates; polyunsaturates.
  • Contains 6g of Omega-6 serving.
  • Cholesterol, Carb, Trans Fat & Sodium free.






what is pumpkin seed oil used for?


Pumpkin seed oil is usually used for salad dressing and is sometimes added to recipes in which its nutty flavor can enhance the taste of certain meats. European diners have even been known to pour it over ice cream or yogurt. It is not recommended as cooking oil because even low heat can destroy some beneficial fatty acids. The seeds themselves are edible and sold as snack pumpkin oilfood.

Pumpkin seed oil is most commonly used for treating irritable bowel syndrome. The studies have shown that pumpkin seeds, which contain amino acids, steroidal compounds, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, may lower the risk of certain types of kidney stones and improve symptoms associated with enlarged prostates. Moreover, pumpkin seeds reportedly contain significant amounts of L-tryptophan. Some studies have also found pumpkin seeds to prevent arteriosclerosis and regulate cholesterol levels.

Other types of pumpkin seed oil are also marketed worldwide. International producers use white seeds with shells and this produces cheaper white oil. New products of seeds are located in China and India.


  • Use to add extra flavor to pumpkin pie. 
  • Sprinkel over risotto, roasted vegetables, pasta.
  • Splash over arugula and parmesan to fish and chicken before serving.
  • Drizzle over goats cheese as a simple tasty appetizer.
  • Add a nutty twist to Penne pasta.
  • Splash over arugual and parmesan to add a deliciously roasted, nutty flavor.
  • Use in dips or marinate mushrooms as a quick, yet delicious appetizer.