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  • Garlic Flakes

    Garlic Flakes

    Wholesale Garlic Flake - Anyang General International Co.,Ltd is the main supplier of dehydrated garlic flakes in China.We produce and supply all kinds of Dried Garlic.

  • Garlic Powder

    Garlic Powder

    Garlic Powder from ANYANG FENGYU TRADING CO., LTD.,a supplier of organic garlic powder in China. We offer dehydrated garlic in the form of powder that finds wide usage in cooking.

  • Garlic Granules

    Garlic Granules

    Dehydrated garlic granule from ANYANG FENGYU TRADING CO., LTD., a manufacturer and supplier in China.

  • Cumin Seeds

    Cumin Seeds

    Whole Cumin Seeds Spice - ANYANG FENGYU TRADING CO., LTD is the manfacture and supplier cumin seeds in China.

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