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The Benefits of Dried White Black Fungus Soup

Soup is a good thing to keep slim and healthy. But the condition is you should choose the natural and green ingredients. One of my favorite soups is dried white black fungus and tofu soup, and all of the ingredients are rich in nutrition and have no weight effects.


Dried White Black Fungus Soup

It is pretty easy to cook dried white black fungus and tofu soup. All you need are dried white black fungus, tofu and a bowel of chicken soup. First, you should put the dried white black fungus into water until soft and slice them. Second, cut tofu into small cubes. Put them into chicken soup and add some salt. 10 minutes later you can enjoy the nutrients and natural dried white black fungus soup. It is suitable for people who have no time to cook food or people who have no experience about cooking. The dried whiter black fungus soup is their first choice.