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Dried Fruits

  • Apple Pieces with Skin and Core

    Apple Pieces with Skin and Core

    Dried apples pieces with skin and core is a terrific trail mix. As one kind of dried apples, apple pieces with skin and core contain more nutrition.

  • Apple Chew

    Apple Chew

    Dried apple chew is made of Fuji and Qinguan, both are first rate apples to make apple chew. AGICO tops in apple chew suppliers and manufacturers.

  • Apple Strip

    Apple Strip

    Dried apples strip is one of the most popular dried fruits in AGICO, one of dried fruits suppliers in China. Apple strip or apple slice is good for travelling and shopping.

  • Apple Granular

    Apple Granular

    There are two types dried apples granulars in AGICO, and both they are organic apple granular and excellent to make nutrient porriage amd apple granular cakes.

  • Dried Mulberry

    Dried Mulberry

    Dried mulberry is one of the traditional and unique Chinese dried fruits. The preserved mulberry is also one of traditional Chinese medicines.